Practice Areas

  • We offer legal services related to trademark and brand protection including trademark searching, clearance, applications, registrations, drafting responses to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) actions, reviewing watch notices and making recommendations of proposed action, drafting or responding to cease and desist letters for trademark infringement or dilution, and service mark, certification mark, and collective mark searches, clearances, and registrations.

  • An agreement between two parties forms the backbone of the relationship, and sets out rules for how activities will proceed or end. We can assist you with drafting the appropriate legal language in your contract, and negotiating with the other side to make sure the provisions of the contract protect you and accurately represent your understanding of the situation.

  • We can help with the legal aspects of buying or seling a business.  Our services include conducting due diligence, drafting/ reviewing stock or asset purchase agreements, including intellectual property representations and warranties, and evaluating contracts regarding equipment and property.

    If you manufacture or sell a product for human consumption, we can help you comply with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations regarding advertising and labeling your food item or nutritional supplement.  If you advertise or market any product or service to consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines will determine how you can communicate to consumers.  We can help you navigate through these regulations. 
  • We have spent more than ten years immersed in technology law, including software and other licensing arrangements, service agreements, OEM contracts, VAR and other reseller or sales agent contracts, and will be happy to help you whether you are the software creator (licensor) or user (licensee).

  • We love helping with "soft" intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks, software and licensing agreements.  We do not practice patent law, but may be able to refer you to another qualified attorney who does.

  • We can help with the legal aspects of running a business.  Whether you need a contract drafted for a vendor or customer, or want to analyze a document regarding a potential business dispute, we can advise you with respect to the transaction.