Online incorporation - is it right for you?

These days, people turn to the internet for many things.  You can research a person or company, find endless entertainment, communicate with friends, and even form a company.  Online legal services claim to remove the majority of cost and expense from lawyers' work.  In some cases, I think they're ok.  If you are forming a single member LLC, or another simple entity, companies like (use code HOLIDAY17 for $50 off) can take care of the filing for you.  But, if your entity becomes more complex, you should probably then have a real live lawyer assist you.  For instance, if you are adding additional members to your LLC or preparing your entity for investment by a third party, you'll probably want to have a seasoned professional look over or create your bylaws or operating agreement.  But using an online incorporation agent makes sense for very simple new businesses, and a lot of information is available online to walk you through the process.