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Sometimes a trademark application is just too funny for words.  As Newsweek first reported, Proctor & Gamble is seeking trademark protection for WTF, LOL, and FML in connection with dishwashing soap and air fresheners.   However, it looks like they need to jump over some hurdles first, including explaining the significance of LOL (haha!) and responding to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Examining Atttorney’s queries as to  “whether the wording in the mark ‘LOL’ has any meaning or significance in the trade or industry in which applicant’s goods are manufactured or provided, or if such wording is a term of art within applicant’s industry; whether the wording in the mark ‘LOL’ identifies a geographic place, and the big question everyone has been wondering:  Does ‘LOL’ refer to the words ‘laugh out loud’?  For kicks and giggles, check out USPTO Application Serial Nos. 87/877,775, 87/877,778, 87/877,774, and 87/878,006!


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