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Estimating the cost of a transaction

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Dollars and sense: cost of legal fees for buying or selling a business

One of my favorite things to do is assist clients in buying and selling businesses.  I feel honored to be involved in such an important business/life decision, especially when the client has worked for many years to build the business to a point where it is ready for sale, or where the purchase of a new company represents a new chapter in the buyer's life.  During the intial meeting, clients always ask how much the fees will be.

The Rules . . for Business Courtship – Part 1

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Finding the Right Partner

So, you’ve broken up with your former business partner, or you are starting a new business, and looking for someone who is a good fit.   Finding the right person is a lot like the romantic courtship process. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe people should honor some principles on both counts. Here are a few of my “rules” for finding the right [business] partner:

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Breaking Up . . .

You have invested so much of yourself into it, you are reluctant to see it go. But despite all the time, effort, thought and emotion, it just is not working. You’ve put in more than you’ve gotten out. You’ve wasted one too many nights analyzing what went wrong. Finally, you decide, I will end it. I will just say goodbye, take what’s mine, and make a clean break. But when you sit down to have that conversation, you realize that you are ill-prepared.