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Seasons of Work: Summer File Cleanup and Memories

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Seasons of Work

During the slight summer lull, I like to keep abreast of the latest legal developments by attending Continuing Legal Education Classes (“CLE”s) and doing a tiny bit of business planning. I know most lawyers’ tendencies are to garner as many billable hours as possible, but once in a blue moon I do work “on” my business rather than “in” my business, as so many business consultants and advisors have recommended over the years. Last week the Denver Bar Association presented a slew of programs as part of Membership Appreciation week, in order to educate us lawyers and get us excited about remain

Tamara's Recent Presentation

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Speaking Engagement

Tamara spoke last week about "Building Value Through Intellectual Property" to the FastTrac Growth Venture participants at the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center.  Highlights included an extensive question and answer session about the ins and outs of copyright and trademark law, weighing risk vs cost, and an explanation of common law intellectual property rights contrasted against the benefits of federal protection. 

New York admission!

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New York bar

The firm is thrilled to announce that Tamara has just been admitted to practice in New York.