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Dude, wait. . . what? (Marijuana trademarks)

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Marijuana trademarks

Last week, I attended the Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute, which included a session discussing updates on the commercialization of marijuana.  Most trademark practitioners already knew that applications for federal registration of marijuana dispensaries or THC-containing products themselves will be rejected, but that protection is available on a state level, or on a federal level for peripheral products (T-shirts, oils or whatnot including the dispensary's logo).  I learned that day that the COLORADO RETAI

Why Me? . . . Correcting Mistakes and Moving Forward

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Why Me?

Resilience is a powerful tool in overcoming difficult situations. When we encounter personal or professional catastrophe, there are two possible reactions: to dwell on the negativity, or to briefly analyze what went wrong and move forward. One of the reasons I chose transactional law rather than litigation is that I prefer focusing on future possibilities and helping clients reach their goals to spending a lot of time enmeshed in conflict. I believe a proactive, optimistic approach can get us much further than one that is woeful and resentful. I try to counsel my clients to achieve this min

New York admission!

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New York bar

The firm is thrilled to announce that Tamara has just been admitted to practice in New York.