Strategic Partnerships and Employees vs Independent Contractors

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Employees vs ICs

I spoke yesterday to the WBEC-West about Strategic Alliances.  We discussed the term "Partnership" and alternatives including Strategic Alliance, Joint Venture, and Teaming Agreement.  Due to technical difficulties, the audio on the video recording of the presentation didn't come out well, but I made *this video* (my first ever!) to answer some questions that came up during the talk.  Let me know what you think!

Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

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Keeping Trade Secrets Secret

Recently, a small Boulder-based client who is about to expand exponentially asked me for guidance on protecting a process his company considers top-secret. My advice to him: take sufficient steps to make sure that those who are exposed to the trade secret are aware of its status as such.  In particular, I told him there were three policies he could implement: