Tamara's Tips

Sometimes, clients come to me to beef up informal arrangements they have made for business ventures.  Often the parties are friends, and my client doesn't want to scare his or her friend/business partner with a lengthy legal document.  A client will sometimes request "just something showing our agreement, not a formal contract."  The truth is though, these terms are interchangeable.

Tamara Pester presenting Continuing Legal Education seminar about trademark brand protection Last week, I had the opportunity to present a Continuing Legal Education seminar to other attorneys through myLaw CLE.  I talked for approximately 1.5 hours about "Trademarks 102: Beyond Basics," covering things that lawyers who don't typically practice intellectual property or trademark law should know about sending

Last week, I attended the Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute, which included a session discussing updates on the commercialization of marijuana.  Most trademark practitioners already knew that applications for federal registration of marijuana dispensaries or THC-containing products themselves will be rejected, but that protection is available on a state level, or on a federal level for peripheral products (T-shirts, oils or whatnot including the dispensary's logo).  I learned that day that the COLORADO RETAI