Tamara's Tips

One of my favorite things to do is assist clients in buying and selling businesses.  I feel honored to be involved in such an important business/life decision, especially when the client has worked for many years to build the business to a point where it is ready for sale, or where the purchase of a new company represents a new chapter in the buyer's life.  During the intial meeting, clients always ask how much the fees will be.

Did anyone else catch 60 minutes on Sunday? They had a segment exploring the question of who owns the rights to "Havana Club" rum.  Will the increase in commerce between the U.S. and Cuba also open the door to an increased number of trademark disputes?

Sometimes, clients come to me to beef up informal arrangements they have made for business ventures.  Often the parties are friends, and my client doesn't want to scare his or her friend/business partner with a lengthy legal document.  A client will sometimes request "just something showing our agreement, not a formal contract."  The truth is though, these terms are interchangeable.